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Website shut down…

This website is being shut down and will be going away. Please see our new home on!

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President Kim Alaniz has organized a great slate of rallies for 2021 – check it out and make your plans for 2021! I’ve also updated the officers list.

Note – lately we’ve had scammers attempt to trick club members into giving them money using the names and email addresses of our officers. Be wary of any odd messages from any of the officers or members of the club. The officers won’t be asking for money except for dues, which can be paid on the main club site.

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Rally schedule updated with details about the August rally at Penn Wood Airstream Park

See the 2020 Rallies page for more details.

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CKR, Winchester, Region 2, and WBAC International rallies are canceled

Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 situation continuing to grow worse, the Capitol Kickoff and the Winchester Rallies have been canceled. The Region 2 rally and the International Rally in Loveland, CO have also been canceled. Contact the campgrounds to cancel your reservations.

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January Capital Times Released

Linda Moore has done her usual excellent work with this month’s Capital Times!

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2020 Rally Schedule Updated

See the 2020 Rally Schedule for details!

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Updated Colonial Beach Pre-International Rally info

Mary-Lou Gatward has updated the information on the Colonial Beach Rally.  Check out the updates here.

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Summer of Love Rally info added!

See this flyer for more information about the Summer of Love Rally in July!

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2018 Rally Schedule Available!

Our new Unit President, Rob Sunde, has put together a great list of rallies for next year. Start making your camping plans for 2018!

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