About the WDCU

The WDCU was formed in 1998, dedicated to the enjoyment of Airstream camping for the entire family! At the time, there was no unit that had many families with small children. Tom Howarth and others, decided that a new unit was needed to accomodate Airstreamers with children. Tom happened to be in Washington D.C. at the time, and formed the Washington D.C. Unit to set it apart from the others. Charter members came from all over the northeastern U.S. and soon grew to include folks from all over the world. With many members from Canada and a few who were from other countries, we are truely an International group.

It turns out that many younger families also owned older Airstreams. Like Tom, many younger folks have purchased vintage Airstreams and have restored them for modern use. In many cases, young families could not afford to go out and buy a new Airstream, so an older unit fit better within the family budget. Repairs or refurbishing can be done as funds become available. So, the WDCU became known for being a “Vintage Airstream” group. While it is true that there are many members who own vintage units, there are also many members who own new Airstreams.

There is no special requirement for membership in the WDCU. You don’t have to have children, you don’t have to be young or old, you don’t need a vintage unit or a new Airstream. You just need to want to have fun camping! We like campfires, activities for children, and friendly conversation. If you happen to be restoring an older Airstream, we have many members who can help you by sharing valuable infomation. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. We like to keep our rally fees to a bare minimum (for the sake of the families) and we like to keep our schedule flexible. Come and join us and see for yourself!


Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for some photo history of the unit.

Past presidents of WDCU – thank you for your service!

  • 2020 – Jerry McConnell
  • 2019 – Erica Marquette
  • 2018 – Rob Sunde
  • 2017 – Mary-Lou Gatward
  • 2016 – Linda Moore
  • 2015 – Michael Vallen
  • 2014 – RJ Marquette
  • 2013 – Linda Bell
  • 2012 – Sonia McConnell
  • 2011 – Gayle Sunde
  • 2010 – Star Grover
  • 2009 – Rob Baker
  • 2008 – Pete Daniel
  • 2007 – Paul Waddell
  • 2006 – Bill Jacobs
  • 2005 – Doug Rowbottom
  • 2004 – Harley Muse
  • 2003 – Garnett Horner
  • 2002 – Wayne Moore
  • 2001 – Tom Howarth
  • 2000 – Tom Howarth
  • 1999 – Provisional Charter
  • 1998 – Club formed

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