Past Rallies

I finally got our pictures from the CKR posted!  Many thanks to Vintage Trailer Supply for the notebooks, hats, and other goodies, and thanks to everyone that came and made it a great rally!

Larry Garland and Michael Vallen sporting their new Vintage Trailer Supply hats.

The winners of the Vintage Trailer Supply hats – Larry and Michael. Kim Garland is photobombing.

2012 CKR Photo Contest on YouTube

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Airplanes & Airstreams

Despite the heat, we had a great time at Airplanes and Airstreams, with 14 trailers attending, including some friends we haven’t seen in a while. The potluck was great, and they gave airplane rides to anyone that wanted one – complete with some time at the stick. A large bonfire and some fireworks punctuated the rally Saturday night!  Of course, RJ took some pictures, both from the ground and from the air. Thanks Art and Rob!  We’re looking forward to next year!
Trap Pond Rally Pictures
Well, we had a great weekend at Trap Pond State Park last weekend. Erica and RJ’s pictures are here. If you have pictures, send them to us and we’ll get them posted!

Many people left today, but the remaining campers still had a great happy hour!

2012 Outer Banks happy hour

2012 Outer Banks Friday happy hour

Here are some pictures from last weekend’s 2011 Installation Rally.  More are on the way (click for a larger view).

Installation Rally lineup

WDCU Guys at the Shenandoah Wine FestivalWDCU kids in a balloon basket

Stuart Natoff
I’m sorry to report that Stuart Natof passed away today after suffering a stroke several days ago.

Words can’t express how sad this is – Stuart was a highlight of every rally.  We will miss him.

Margaret has requested no flowers.  She asks that donations be made either to Habitat for Humanity or to a local hospice instead.  You can send cards to their place in Derwood, Maryland (mail will be forwarded automatically until she returns to Maryland).

There will be a memorial service in Florida, and one in Maryland on or about May 2, which is Stuart’s birthday.  We will post details as we get them.

Stuart with his Cadillac and Airstream, Manheim, PA, October, 2011.

Stuart with his Cadillac and Airstream, Manheim, PA, October, 2011.

WDCU members at the Capitol Kickoff Rally donated $401.25 to Montgomery Hospice in Stuart Natof’s memory. Thank you, everyone! If you wish to contribute, please donate to a hospice of your choice.

Just Camping

By Marc Weimer

Several times on rallies, I’ve heard people saying that we were “just camping”. I think we should change that to say, “Just Airstreaming” !!  True, we are camping, but we are doing more than that. When I was a boy, we’d take a tent, go out on an island in the middle of a lake and camp there for two weeks. That was camping. But when we go to a WDCU rally, we are doing so much more than what my family did out on that island.

So, what is Airstreaming? It’s the good times, it’s the food, it’s the people, it’s the Airstreams, and most of all, it’s the friendship we share. That’s what it’s about. Our trailers are well built, fashionable and (mostly) reliable. Most of us are proud of our trailer, and glad we own it. We can spend our camping trips seeing the sites in the area, and having fun with old and new friends …. not drying wet canvas and sleeping bags, fixing leaky water tanks, or attempting to set up a complicated tent before the storm hits! We can enjoy the out-of-doors, but we can be comfortable and dry in bad weather. We can go wherever our Airstream can take us, knowing that a comfortable bed and a great warm meal  await at the end of our travels ….and you know who slept in the bed the night before!!

And it’s great to think that there are other past generations of Airstreamers that enjoyed life a little more, because they were members of this great club (WBCCI). Wally Byam built his trailers so you could go on an adventure …to see what awaits you around the next corner; and that’s just what we want to do in the WDCU. It’s all about Airstreaming: so much more than a trailer ..a legacy, a lifestyle, a family! So, yes!  We’re “Just Airstreaming” !!! …And isn’t it great!

President’s Message for November 2009

Peter and I have just returned from Garnet Horner’s Crooked Road Caravan.  What a stunning success this trip was!  We had so much fun and enjoyed so much good music that we ended up wishing we could go again and soon.  Well, Garnet has agreed to do this caravan every other year, so read his comments and John DiBella’s comments and then plan to sign up early for the 2011 repeat. 

The 2010 rally schedule is at the end of the November newsletter (and on this website).  One of the things you’ll notice is that we have three rallies in June; two of them on the same weekend!  The timing for Wally’s Birthday Bash was switched after the Airplanes & Airstreams rally was already planned, so some of you will have to decide which one to go to.  At this point I am planning to go to the International, which is in Wyoming, so I’m glad not to have to make that decision. 

We’re introducing a new segment called, “So You’ve Been Where?”  Please take the opportunity to write to Greg and let him know what wonderful campground you’ve discovered or even what campground you’d never go to again.  Make sure to give him the website and phone number and if you have photos of your trip, all the better.  We have a wealth of knowledge and many miles under our collective belts, so let’s share it.

There are a few legislative issues that you need to be aware of and they are attached (in the November Newsletter).  Read them over if you are interested and get back to me with your opinion.  We’re going to try and have an interactive voting button installed into our website so I will know how you want me to vote when I need to.

The next gathering is Paul Waddel’s Myrtle Beach rally in December.  This is a low-key rally and any beach in the winter is the place to be.  Get your coupon back to Paul as soon as you can make plans.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Cheers, Star

Bill Jacobs

Bill Jacobs, Past President of the WDCU, and our good friend, passed away on Tuesday, December 23, 2008. His passing was sudden and unexpected. He died at his home in West Virginia. He will be missed…p1020690a.JPGBill was a soft spoken gentle man. His humble appearance belied a vast intelligence and generous heart. I don’t think there was a subject that Bill didn’t know something about. He knew how to have fun like a kid and he knew how to behave like a gentleman. I never heard him speak ill of anyone. He loved kids and he loved books. He enjoyed his Airstream.I feel privileged to have known him and to call him a friend. I wish he hadn’t left us so suddenly and so soon. There were so many more roads we could have traveled down to see him.I hope I see him again some day when I travel down that last road to our final sunset and I hope we can sit around a golden campfire and enjoy each other’s company once again. I’ll miss you, Bill.
bill-paul-va.JPGbill-mk-v-a.JPG brother-bill-a.JPG



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